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编者 : 董晓波 品牌 : 京东图书 品牌属地 : 中国 语言 : 中文 开本 : 22.0 页数 : 342 印刷时间 : 2013-01-01 包装 : 平装 出版时间 : 2013-01-01 出版社 : 清华大学出版社,北京交通大学出版社 ISBN : 9787512112544 版次 : 1 用纸 : 胶版纸



Unit 1 Business & Industry
Text A Start a Business
Text B Entrepreneurship in China-Let a Million Flowers Bloom
Supplementary Reading
Building Excitement-Can China Avoid a Bubble?

Unit 2 Capital Markets
Text A Banking Industry
Text B Stock Exchange
Supplementary Reading
American Stock Markets-Reversal of Fortune

Unit 3 International Marketing
Text A Business Planning-Marketing Planning
Text B Supporting Offline Campaign Launches With Online Marketing
Supplementary Reading
Online-coupon Firms-Groupon Anxiety

Unit 4 International Investment and Credit
Text A A Financial Mamage
Text B How to Promote and Regulate International Investments?
Supplementary Reading
Moving Toward a Global Currency

Unit 5 Business Elite
Text A The Resurrection of Steve Jobs——That Which Does Not Kill the Boss of Apple Seems to Make Him Stronger
Text B Ann Moore: The CEO of Time
Supplementary Reading
Steve Jobs and the iPad of Hope——Apple's Innovation Machine Churns Out Another Game-changing Device

Unit 6 E-Commerce
Text A In E-Commerce, More Is More
Text B The Alibaba E-Commerce Empire
Supplementary Reading
Online Shopping: Selling Becomes Sociable

Unit 7 Econonuc Globalization and Multinational Corporation
Text A Globalization vs. Economic Sovereignty
Text B The World's Top Choice——-China Remains the Most Popular Destination for Foreign Direct Investment
Supplementary Reading
McDonald's Eyes Growing Presence in Local Market

Unit 8 Economic Regulations and Law
Text A U.S.Sets 21st Century Goal: Building a Better Patent Office
Text B Anti-trust Law Treats "All Firms Equally" Over 140 Cases Handled; Rules
in Line With International Principles
Supplementary Reading
China E-commerce Giant Launches Campaign to Fight Online Piracy

Unit 9 Economic Crisis
Text A The Great Depression
Text B U.S.Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Supplementary Reading
10 Ways to Manage Your Money in Economic Crisis

Unit 10 Human Resources Management
Text A Capturing the State of Human Resources in An Annual Report
Text B The Tech Effect On Human Resources
Supplementary Reading
Risk Management and Human Resources Team Up to Cut Absence Costs

Unit 11 Advertising and Publicity
Text A Internet Advertising
Text B Beijing Tries to Push beyond " Made in China"
Supplementary Reading
The Harder Hard Sell

Unit 12 Training
Unit 13 Corporate Culture
Unit 14 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Unit 15 WTO & China
Key to Exercises

Text B Ann Moore: The CEO of Time
There are few things that unnerve Ann Moore, the chief executive of Time Inc, America's largest magazine company, as much as young Americans' "shock" when they hear that her firm will have to start charging them. " Real reporting takes time and money and effort," she says. "Somebody does have to pay for the Baghdad bureau. " A recession is a difficult time to convince readers that they need to start paying for information, however, particularly because Time Inc, a division of Time Wamer, a media giant, has long made its articles available free online. But a new model is needed, and Ms. Moore is trying all sorts of things in her effort to find one. On March 18th her company launched Mine, for example, a new concept that allows readers to go online and select articles from eight titles, for delivery in print or online as a free, personalized magazine.lf this proves popular, the company may start charging for it.This nifty scheme highlights Time Inc's eagemess to attract readers to its magazines-but its ambivalence about adding a price tag.
As the boss of a company which oversees 120 magazine titles including Time, People, Sports Illustrated and Fortune, Ms. Moore faces the difficult task of keeping magazines relevant as household budgets shrink, the appeal of free content online grows, and advertisers reduce their spending. At some of her magazines, such as Time, advertising revenues are down by around 300/o compared with this time last year, according to Media Industry Newsletter. Ms. Moore has had to tear up her company's five-year plan and draft a new two-year one instead, focusing on two things: intemal reorganization and innovation.
After laying off around 600 people, Ms. Moore has restructured the firm into three units- news, entertainment and lifestyle-grouping together magazines with similar material, advertisers and audiences. The aim is to maintain editorial quality while increasing efficiency, because titles can share writers and articles and pool resources for functions, such as subscription services. Ms. Moore has also turned her attention to training, launching "Time Inc University" ,a senes of seminars led by Time executives on topics such as branding and teamwork, in February.
Ms Moore will teach one of these seminars herself. Ms. Moore has seen the magazine industry evolve, and weather technological shifts, for over three decades. She graduated from Harvard Business School in 1978 with 13 job offers, including one from Time Inc. She accepted it, even though it paid the least, because she had grown up reading Time and dreamt of working at Sports Illustrated. She started as a financial analyst and rose to become associate publisher of Sports Illustrated, but it soon became clear to her that the magazine, a very male title at a company dominated by men, would not make her publisher in a hurry. So she moved to People in 1991, and helped make it one of the most profitable magazines in the world.


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