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1、Period:9/5 11:00 am-9/12 11:00am PT


  • Users spend 10 points (non-refundable) for one more chance to play with no upper limit;

  • Share to win: share the lucky draw page to win one more chance to play (two free chances in maximum per day per user).


  • Prizes available (100% chance to win one of these): 3 points, 6 points, 10 points,20 points, 6999 points,  Owned $15 off $99 coupon.

  • Coupons and points will be sent to your account immediately, please check your account. Be aware that one order can only take one coupon (expires on 9/15 11:00 am PT) from the lucky draw.

4、Please follow the rules, otherwise you might be banned from this activity and Yamibuy would seize the previous prizes.  Yamibuy reserves the right of final interpretation.