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We deliver to following areas

We deliver to most areas of following cities CA: Arcadia, Baldwin Park, Duarte, El Monte, La Puente, Los Angeles, Monrovia, Rosemead, San Gabriel, West Covina, Whittier. NY: New York City
We are working on delivering to more areas.

Please check your phone number before placing orders.

Fresh goods have a short shelf life, so you need to receive and keep them properly after delivery. Please make sure that the phone number and delivery address you left are correct when placing the order , so that the drivers can contact you in time.


By purchasing the following items and placing an order, you are going to agree to the yami fresh policy.
1. We only offer a return for damaged or wrong food/fresh products. All the fresh products may appear different due to season, weather, and region grown in. Pictures on our site are for reference only, actual item may appear differently.
2. If you believe your product is defective due to manufacturing or you have received a wrong item, please contact Yami customer service within 24 hours so we can resolve the issue. We will need to see pictures to verify if it is a defect or the incorrect item before a replacement unit will be send.
3. If the package is returned to us in the case the customer is absent, or the address provided by the customer is incomplete or wrong, or the groceries spoilage due to customers not contact the carrier and picking up in time, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost as well as any cost for reshipment.
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