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CANMAKE Secret Color Eyes 01 Romantic Doll 1pc

by CANMAKE  |  Sold and Shipped by YAMIBUY
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Brand Origin : Japan

Net Wt. : 1 piece

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Item Details

Brand : CANMAKE Net Content : 1piece Brand Origin : Japan
CANMAKE Secret Eye Colors is a 3-shade eye shadow that will make your eyes the attention-catcher! Just by adding a touch of red to the lower lids enhances the skin's translucence, giving you a pale and delicately girly look. The key to make it look natural is to apply it with a light touch. The magic of light and shade adds natural-looking depth and definition.
Apply the red shadow along the lash line of your lower eyelids. Apply the highlighter to enhance the definition of your features. Apply the darkest shade in a line that joins the inner corners of your eyebrows to the bridge of your nose.
If following problems occur upon using the product, stop use immediately; further use may worsen the symptoms. Consult with a dermatologist if necessary. 1) Red spots, swelling, itchiness, irritation, or any other irregularities. 2) If applied area shows above symptoms when exposed to sunlight. Do not use on areas with skin conditions such as open wound, eczema, or any skin disease. Notes on storage and handling: always put the lid back on after use. Keep away from reach of children. Keep away from high/low temperature or direct sunlight. Avoid the eye area.


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