LANLAY Vita-X Magic Cream 50g

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Brand : LANLAY

Brand Origin : United States

Net Wt. : 50 g

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Ground Shipping $8.00(Free shipping if order over $60)
Ground Shipping $8.00(Free shipping if order over $60)
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Brand : LANLAY Made in : Canada Net Content : 50g Brand Origin : United States

LANLAY Magic cream is not intended for direct extermination of germs and bacteria.  Its main purpose is to nurture our own anti-bodies to heal the damaged systems.  Its healing effect occurs through absorption through the skin, stimulating our body’s immune system to combat foreign antigens.  Under this circumstance, your immunity will grow stronger, producing the “X” effect.  You will become less susceptible to influenza and other circulating diseases.  Its coverage area is broad, and its effect lasts long and is magical.  No wonder LANLAY Magic Cream has been dubbed with an honorary title “Human’s Best Friend”.


Ginseng, Codonopsis, Artemisiae, Commelina, Scutellariae, Houttuyniae, Psoraleae, Salviae miltiorrhizae.


1.  Application to the face will increase the blood circulation and the skin’s renewal cycle.  LANLAY Magic Cream is an excellent product to smoothen and soften the skin.  In addition, it is especially effective in minimizing the discoloration of dark spots and skin lesions.  LANLAY Magic Cream is also good for acne.

2.  LANLAY Magic Cream is excellent for treating all kinds of wounds (cuts and lesions) caused by heat or freezing, knives, etc.  Treatment with Magic Cream stops bleeding and stimulates the skin for a faster recovery.  LANLAY Magic Cream also prevents scarring.

3.  LANLAY Magic Cream is ideal for athlete’s foot, psoriasis, rashes, cold sores, nail infections, warts, soothing relief for itchiness in the private parts, and it is also effective on eczema.

4.  You can feel safe when applying it near the mouth, as LANLAY Magic Cream is made with all natural plant derivatives.


Apply a good amount to the infected and surrounding area.  For best results, lightly massage the cream onto clean skin in the morning and at night.

Please Note:  When applying the LANLAY Magic Cream to open wounds, avoid direct application as the surface skin layer may have been destroyed.  Please apply ample amounts of the cream to the surrounding area only.

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