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LUMINARC Amberline Blooming Heat Resistant Multipurpose Covered Casserole 1L 16cm

by LUMINARC  |  Sold and Shipped by YAMIBUY
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Item Details

Brand : LUMINARC Made in : France Volume : 1L Net Content : 1l Dimension : 16cm Brand Origin : Korea
The cookware bodies in this range are made out of a material called vitro ceramic, (the lids are made of borosilicate glass) a strong heat resistant material, that was originally developed in partnership with the American space agency, to be used as elements on the outside of space shuttles!
It can withstand continuous intense temperatures of 1500F without cracking or losing shape so is truly impervious to any warping, cracking or crazing in normal kitchen applications. Needless to say Luminarc Vitro products are suitable for all types of cooking: both microwave, conventional oven and stovetop and can withstand very high temperatures and for a long time.
The impressive heat-conductivity of Vitro cookware makes them ideal for slow-simmering, and it allows cooking at low heat to conserve energy and preserve food natural textures and nutrients! The Vitro cookware body is completely non-porous and non-crazing, so food cannot leach into the cookware, nor can bacteria build up on the surface of the pots.
Vitro by Luminarc is completely stain resistant so your cookware will look beautiful year after year after year and clean-up is so simple. Just let it soak a few minutes in warm soapy water and wipe clean. No abrasives are necessary!
All these features are combined with the beautiful simplicity of the Vitro design, making for an attractive presentation on-the-table for any occasion.Vitro is completely Freezer and stovetop/oven safe. All Vitro products carry a 25 Year Warranty against cracking, crazing or loss of shape.

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