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RILA RICH Beauty Make Night Brea M-L Lavender Dot

by RILA RICH  |  Sold and Shipped by YAMIBUY
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Brand Origin : Japan

Net Wt. : 1 piece

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Item Details

Brand : RILA RICH Net Content : 1 piece Brand Origin : Japan
RILA RICH BEAUTY MAKE NIGHT BRA M-L is a bra. The bra offers support and lifts and pushes breasts together for a perkier look. Design is with lavender dots. Bust: 79 ~ 94 cm
Pullover bra.
-When your washing please remove the pad.-Agree with your skin or a rash, please use if you feel itching, etc..-Scars or rashes, do not use if you have eczema, etc..-May cause fabric pieces with nails, pulling force and break. Please note that upon removal.-If you feel too tight. repeat mounting a modest.-Use of individual differences.-Busy, or if irritation after using the right away please use.-Pregnant or potentially pregnant, higher blood pressure, do not use people who have caused the blood circulation disorders in the past.-Store location out of reach of children.-Do not store in near open flames or hot and humid place, where direct sunlight.-Stop is used in other than the original purpose.-Printed on the actual product colors may vary slightly.

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