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CARNATION No Wings Panty Liner 140 (Little Scent) 38pads

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Brand : KNH

Brand Origin : Taiwan

Net Wt. : 38 sheet

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Item Details

Brand : KNH Net Content : 38 Brand Origin : Taiwan
CARNATION No Wings Panty Liner has these features: Secure anti-leak pad: Can absorb fluids quickly to leave skin feeling dry and fresh. Healthy anti-leak pad:High-tech nano silver processing technology for antimicrobial and odor elimination purposes. Comfortable anti-leak pad:Delicate and dense surface layer leaves your skin feeling soft.
It was developed by KNH Taiwan, a professional non-woven factory. Beautiful ladies anti-leak pad:For beautiful ladies, trendy dual-color cover design, breathable, leaves your skin feeling fresh and not sticky. Clean anti-leak pad:For convenience, hygiene and portability purposes, the packaging cover of a single pack is designed with a reusable adhesive.
Step 1. Remove sanitary napkins from its packaging.
Step 2. With the sticky side down, stick the pad onto the center of your underwear.
Step 3. Remove the paper of top of the wings.
Step 4. Wrap around your underwear with the wings to keep the pad stable.
Step 5. Wrap and discard napkin after use. Do NOT dispose it into the toilet.
If this product causes any skin issues, stop using and conduct a doctor immediately.
Do not store in direct sunlight, extremely hot or cold location. Store in a dry area. Keep out of reach of children.




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