UNIF Chinese Onion Flavor Instant Ramen Noodles 85g

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Brand : UNIF

Brand Origin : Taiwan

Net Wt. : 85 g

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Item Details

Brand : UNIF Made in : Taiwan Packaging Style : Bag Organic : Not Organic Net Content : 85g Brand Origin : Taiwan
UNIF Chinese Onion Flavor Instant Ramen noodles are the perfect choice for delicious instant noodles that have bold and exceptional flavor. The broth is a combination of a dry soup powder and an oil pack that delivers the right balance of spices and oils, perfectly paired with ramen noodles. with a distinct onion flavor, enjoy this bowl of ramen as a snack or a quick dinner fix. It has a combination of different flavors, spices, and oils that creates a unique and distinct onion flavor unlike any other instant noodles. Package includes dry soup base and oil pack for soup broth with distinct onion flavor.
Cook with a pot: Boil the water in the pot. Then put in the noodles into the water for 1-2 minutess, then turn off the fire. Take out the noodle from the pot, then put in all the spice packets into the water. Mix it well and you can add more add-ons like green onion, vegetables, and even meat into the soup to make it extra tasty.
Instant cooking method: Open the packets and place the noodle and spices into a microwaveable bowl. Then add in 500ml of boiled water and cover the bowl. Wait for 5 minutes and the noodle is ready to be serve.
Instant Cup: Fill cup with hot water to cover entire noodle. Wait for 5 minutes and the noodle is ready to serve.
See ingredients on package for more detailed information.

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