Korean Jelly Snacks

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Korean Jelly Snacks

Indulge in a burst of delightful flavors with our collection of Korean jelly snacks. These delectable treats from the vibrant streets of Korea are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more. Made with high-quality ingredients and crafted with precision, each bite offers a unique texture and taste that will transport your taste buds to the bustling markets of Seoul. Whether you're looking for a fruity, chewy, or refreshing treat, our Korean jelly snacks are the perfect choice to add some excitement to your snacking routine. Explore our wide range of options and discover the joy of Korean snacking today!


Vilac Yogurt Jelly 50g


100+ Sold

A delicious and refreshing yogurt jelly from Korea's Paldo brand, coming soon to Yami Buy.

Delicious flavor, Yummy taste, Good taste, Enjoyable, Boyfriend approved


Red Bean Jelly 8.81oz

20+ Sold


Yogurt Jelly Candy Peach Flavor 50g


200+ Sold

A delicious peach-flavored yogurt jelly candy that is sure to be loved by everyone.

Delicious peach flavor, Loved by many reviewers, Great taste, Sweetness is just right, Chewy and soft texture


Low Calories Konjac Jelly Drink Lychee Flavor 150ml


300+ Sold

A low-calorie konjac jelly drink in a convenient tube, perfect for weight loss and appetite suppression.

Good taste, Appetite suppression, Low calories, Great flavor, Healthy alternative


Tteokbokki Snack 50g


100+ Sold


Turtle Chip Flamin' Lime Flavor 5.64oz


100+ Sold

A spicy and tangy snack with a multi-layered crunch, perfect for satisfying your heat cravings.

Spicy and tangy flavor, Multi-layered crunch, Good after taste, Great taste, Good mixability


【AESPA Favorite】Pepero Biscuit Stick White Chocolate 32g


60+ Sold

A crunchy biscuit stick covered in smooth white chocolate and crunchy roasted Oreo pieces.

Yummy taste, Crunchy texture, Delicious flavor, Good quality, Satisfying snack


Choco Pie Cacao 12 Bags


100+ Sold

A chunky, satisfying chocolate treat with marshmallow sandwiched between moist cake, perfect for bento or lunch snacks.

Great flavor, Moist and satisfying, Perfect for sharing with friends, Good taste, Enjoyable snack


Strawberry French Pies - Packaging May Vary 15 Pieces 6.77oz


50+ Sold

$3.99 25% OFF
A delicious and irresistible snack with a perfectly layered French pie filled with strawberry jelly.

Spicy Fried Tteok-bokki Rice Cakes 15.02oz


400+ Sold

$5.39 15% OFF
A spicy and flavorful Korean street-food dish of stir-fried rice cakes with fish cakes.

Chewy texture, Spicy and flavorful taste, Convenient and easy to make, Good quality ingredients, Variety of flavors


Korean Instant Tteokbokki Rice Cake Jjajang Flavor 120g


200+ Sold

$2.99 33% OFF
A flavorful Korean instant rice cake in a convenient 120g size, perfect for a quick and tasty meal.

Convenient size, Flavorful taste, Good sauce, Comforting, Cheesy goodness


Korean Instant Jjajang Topokki - Chewy Rice Cakes in Black Bean Sauce 8.46oz


100+ Sold

A delicious Korean dish of chewy rice cakes in black bean sauce, perfect for a quick meal.

Konjac Drink Green Grape Flavor Low Calories Drink 150g


100+ Sold

love konjac jelly super tasty and is great cold...I like how the jelly is more like jelly! Not too watery but not too hard.

Konjac Jelly Grapefruit 150g x10 Packs

Great for when I want to snack on something...This was one of my favorite jelly drinks. It was just different and refreshing.

Lychee Konjac Jelly Drink - Healthy & Low-Calorie 10 Pieces* 5.07fl oz


90+ Sold

A low-calorie lychee konjac jelly drink that satisfies your sweet tooth without compromising your diet.

Peach Konjac Jelly Drink - Healthy & Low-Calorie 10 Pieces* 5.07fl oz


100+ Sold

A low-calorie Peach Konjac Jelly Drink with a sweet taste of juicy peach, only 7 calories per pouch.

Low-calorie and healthy option, Delicious flavor, Convenient size, Fast shipping, Affordable price


Konjac Jelly Peach 150g


100+ Sold

Yummy and a great snack...love konjac jelly super tasty and is great cold

Konjac Jelly Grapefruit 150g


50+ Sold

Really delicious, tastes like grapefruit but more jelly flavor...love konjac jelly super tasty and is great cold

Low Calories Konjac Jelly Drink Apple Flavor 150ml


100+ Sold

A low-calorie konjac jelly drink in a convenient tube, perfect for weight loss and appetite suppression.

Great taste and flavor, Convenient portion size, Low calorie and filling, Refreshing and easy to consume, Similarity to apple juice

Korean Jelly Snacks

Indulge in the delightful world of Korean jelly snacks, where taste and texture come together in a burst of flavor. These unique treats, often referred to as "Korean drink with jelly" or "Korean jelly candy," have gained immense popularity for their playful and refreshing qualities. Whether you are a fan of sweet or tangy flavors, there is a korean jelly snack to satisfy every palate.

Perfect for those seeking a fun and delicious snack, these jelly treats are not only a delight to eat but also make for a great gift option. Imagine surprising your loved ones with a colorful assortment of korean jelly snacks, showcasing the vibrant and diverse flavors of Asia. They are also an excellent choice for those looking to explore different cultures through their taste buds, as each bite offers a glimpse into the rich culinary heritage of Korea.

These korean jelly snacks are not just limited to being enjoyed on their own. They can be creatively incorporated into various recipes, adding a burst of flavor and texture to your culinary creations. From topping off your favorite desserts to using them as a garnish for drinks, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are hosting a party or simply looking to add some excitement to your daily snacking routine, these korean jelly snacks are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Korean jelly snacks and let your taste buds embark on a journey of delightful flavors.

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