black tea latte The last time I bought something at Yami, it was given away It tastes very good! Finally drink one a day! The sweetness in this ☕️ black tea is xylitol, so don't worry that sugar is bad for your health! Drink with confidence! There are 10 in a pack. Very convenient. There is a paper package at the opening, and you can tear it by hand without scissors! Start a beautiful day with fragrant black tea 🧚‍♀️ # 我要当测评官第7期 #
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红茶拿铁 上次在亚米买东西送的 味道非常好!final每天喝一条! 这个☕️红茶里面的甜味是木糖醇,所以不担心糖对身体不好哦!放心喝! 一包有10条。非常方便。开口处是纸包装,不用剪刀用手一撕就可以啦! 香醇的红茶开启美好的一天🧚‍♀️ # 我要当测评官第7期 #