# 全球好货装进家 # # 萌新报道 # # 百万积分第6季 # small wow good first half of the holiday, so each one fight is not wasted! A few days ago, I took my baby and baby's grandmother for a two-day trip to the Great Falls on the anniversary. Often, my skin condition was unstable as soon as I went out, so I didn't dare to be sloppy in skin care for one night. As soon as I arrive at the pack, I sincerely thank the major brands for launching small and medium-sized samples, which are so thoughtful and practical. 🌈 Makeup remover: Gangwon-do, needless to say about this make-up remover! Except it's expensive! The texture like water is completely colorless, odorless and non-irritating, the makeup removal effect is very good, and the fat intestines are suitable for going out. 🌈Cosmetic cotton: I always keep this gift pouch from Shiseido. I put a few pieces every time I go out, it is easy to store and will not get dirty. It is easy to use with makeup remover, nothing to say! 🌈 Toner: Farmacy This is a thunder wow! The smell is too smoky, just like spraying toilet water on the face. 🌈Essence: Red Kidney Shiseido Red Kidney Essence, smells good and works well, and always gives me samples. Macy wow Sephora wow various activities on the official website, fat intestines are suitable for travel, and skin stability depends on it. 🌈Eye Cream: Sulwhasoo Ginseng Firming This eye cream really works wow! It absorbs quickly, moisturizes, smells good, and it seems to have an effect on fine lines. The skin around the eyes has been in good condition during the period of using it. The 5ml medium sample seems to have come from the NM gift bag last year, and it is also the size of the fat intestine and conscience. ! After using it for less than two months, I want to buy a formal dress! 🌈Facial cream: Sunday Riley C·E·O is an antioxidant moisturizing cream with a lot of vitamin C added, just opened the bottle, the first time I use it is amazing! It smells so good, it's almost like cutting one 🍊, the texture is not thick and not thin, and it absorbs quickly. It is a pleasure to wipe the face, and it feels very moisturizing after a long time!
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yami_featured_image # 全球好货装进家 # # 萌新报道 # # 百万积分第6季 # 上半年假期好少哇,所以每一个都争取不虚度!前几天纪念日带娃和娃姥姥去大瀑布两日游,往往我一出门皮肤状态就不稳定,所以就一个晚上护肤也不敢马虎。一到pack出行护肤包,我就由衷的感谢各大品牌推出中小样哇,简直太贴心实用了。 🌈卸妆水:江原道 这款卸妆水不用说了吧!除了贵没毛病!和水一样的质感完全无色无味不刺激,卸妆效果非常好,肥肠适合出门用。 🌈化妆棉:资生堂 这个赠品小袋儿我一直留着的,每次出门装上几片,好收纳又不会弄脏,配合卸妆水使用,好用没啥说的! 🌈爽肤水:Farmacy 这是个雷哇!味道太熏了,跟喷花露水在脸上一样,无功无过吧,肯定不会买正装,带着用完就完了。 🌈精华:红腰子 资生堂红腰子精华,好闻好用,又总送中样,Macy哇Sephora哇官网的各种活动,肥肠适合旅游带着,肌肤维稳就靠它。 🌈眼霜:雪花秀人参紧致 这款眼霜真的很好用哇!吸收快、滋润、好闻,并且好像真的对细纹有改善效果,用它的期间眼周肌肤状态一直很好,5毫升的中样好像是去年NM礼包来的,也是肥肠良心的size了!用了不到两个月,想购入正装哇! 🌈面霜:Sunday Riley C·E·O 添加了大量维C的抗氧化保湿面霜,刚开瓶,第一次使用感很惊艳哇!太好闻了,简直就像切开了一颗🍊,质地不稠不稀吸收很快,抹脸就是一种享受,过了很久也很滋润的感觉!