# 全球好货装进家 # # 萌新报道 # # 百万积分第6季 # home only store two kinds of toothpaste, Lion and Marvis, feel very easy to use. Since it is easy to get tired of using a tube of toothpaste all the time, my husband and I will open a tube each, and if we are tired in the middle, we can exchange wah ka ka! This Marvis husband has been using it for a long time and I replaced it for a few days. It was empty, hahaha, even if my bottle was empty✌️ I took a tube of jasmine-flavored lion king and came out, and waited for my husband's lemon-flavored lion king to run out. Take Marvis out, and so on... If you have any other toothpastes that are good for whitening and smelling, please leave a message to recommend wow! Otherwise, these two will get tired sooner or later! p.s. The Lion King toothpaste is clearly available from Yami's self-operated search, but the photo and link can't be found😢! I don't know what to do! Help!
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yami_featured_image # 全球好货装进家 # # 萌新报道 # # 百万积分第6季 # 家里只囤两种牙膏,狮王和Marvis,感觉都很好用。由于一直用一管牙膏好容易腻啊,我就和老公一人开一管,中间腻了还能互换一下哇咔咔!这只Marvis老公用了好久被我换了几天,空了,哈哈哈,就算我的空瓶了✌️ 拿了一管茉莉味儿的狮王出来,等老公的柠檬味儿狮王用完再拿Marvis出来,以此类推…… 还有啥美白好用好闻的牙膏请留言推荐哇!不然这两种也早晚会腻的! p.s.狮王这个牙膏亚米自营明明一搜就有,可是照片加link就是搜不到😢!不知道怎么办了!求助!