EVE🐰 Pain Relief 🍉Functional effects: dysmenorrhea, headache, toothache, sore throat, joint pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, low back pain, shoulder pain, pain after tooth extraction, ear pain, fracture pain, traumatic pain! 🍉How to use: 2 capsules at a time, swallow with warm water. Take it at an interval of more than 4 hours, within 3 times a day! (Mild and non-irritating to the stomach)👍 🍉 After taking this medicine, it is not an immediate effect, but a process. I think this is good. My husband and I sometimes have headaches when we don’t sleep well! It also happened that the day he received the courier, he had a headache, so I let him eat it. He said that after about 30 minutes, the pain was still a little bit. It's not that painful, just a little uncomfortable. So we all agree that the drug works! White Rabbit Pain Relief is said to be mild, so this pain reliever can be kept at home for emergencies. I still recommend it! # 萌新报道 # # 全球好货装进家 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation26331536513fffa419e9e
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EVE🐰止疼药 🍉功能效果:痛经,头痛,牙痛,咽喉痛,关节痛,肌肉痛,神经痛,腰痛,肩痛,拔牙后的疼痛,耳痛,骨折痛,外伤痛! 🍉使用方法:一次2粒,温水吞服。服用间隔4小时以上,1天3次以内!(对肠胃温和无刺激)👍 🍉这药吃了并不是立马就有效果,而是有个过程,我觉得这点就挺好的,我跟老公偶尔没睡好,都会有头疼的毛病!说来也巧收到快递那天,他正好头疼,我就让他吃了,他说大概三十分钟后还是有点疼,相比吃药前缓结了一点,🤩大概一个小时后就觉得轻松多了没那么疼,就还有点点不舒服。所以我们一致认为这药有效果!据说白兔止痛片很温和,所以这款止痛药可以备在家里,以备不时之需。我还是挺推荐的!# 萌新报道 # # 全球好货装进家 # # 开箱晒一“夏” #