I’m ashamed to say that although I’m a self-proclaimed ramen fan, I didn’t even hear about Minglong when I went to Japan last year. I didn’t plant Minglong’s instant noodles until I watched the video of my favorite youtuber mike chen visiting Japan. . The producer of this instant noodle is the well-known restaurant "Creation Noodle Workshop Minglong" in Tokyo Ramentong. It has won the star for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018, and has been listed on the Michelin star list. This shop is so popular that there are long queues (although basically all good restaurants in Japan have long queues), and his signature dan dan noodles and soba have become instant noodles because of their popularity. I wrote an article about Ichiran Ramen Instant Noodles before. At that time, there was a big gap in my heart. The instant noodles were far from being made in the store... But since the foodie Mike Chen recommended it, I was still very curious, although Xiaogui still bought it. But the first bite I took, I exclaimed, every penny spent is worth it! Because it's so delicious! Although it's called Dandan noodles, and it doesn't taste like Dandan noodles at all, it's definitely the best instant ramen I've ever eaten. Three packs of sauce, one pack of peanut butter puree (very light), one pack of spring onion and seasoning powder, one pack of soup, the noodles are very thin, soak for 2 minutes and you can actually eat. The soup is thick and delicious, and the noodles are very thin, so they can soak up the soup. Every bite is delicious. The taste is heavy, you can add more water if you are afraid of being salty; use the soup that you can't drink to cook the rice, just like the Japanese, pour some egg liquid when cooking the rice, it's delicious in the world! ! # 全球好货装进家 #
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yami_featured_image 说来惭愧,虽然自诩拉面重度爱好者,但去年去日本时竟然还没听说过鸣龙,直到看我喜爱的youtuber mike chen去日本的逛吃视频才种草了鸣龙这款泡面。 而这款泡面的出品人正是东京拉面通无人不晓的名店“创作面工房鸣龙”,已于2017年和2018年连续两年摘星成功,荣登米其林餐厅星级榜。这家店火到没天都是大排长龙(虽然日本基本上所有好的餐厅都是大排长龙😂),他家的招牌担担面和soba都因为太火而出了速食面版。 之前我写过一篇一兰拉面速食面的文章,当时心里落差很大,速食面和店里现做讲真差老远了.....不过既然吃货mike陈推荐,我还是很好奇的,虽然小贵还是买了。 但吃到的第一口,就惊呼,花的每一分钱,都是值得的!因为实在太好吃了!虽然叫担担面,而且完全没有担担面的口味,但绝对是速食拉面我是吃过最最最好吃的。三包酱料,一包花生酱泥(很清淡),一包葱和调味粉,一包汤料,面很细,泡2分钟其实就能吃了。汤很浓稠,口味绝了,而面因为极细,所以可以吸饱汤汁。每一口都入味。 口味偏重,怕咸的可以多放点水;喝不完的汤拿来煮泡饭,像日本人一样在泡饭煮的时候倒入些许鸡蛋液,人间美味!! # 全球好货装进家 #