"Quick food review" paldo Korean fried noodles I've never had this fried noodles before This face is super heavy! ! ! Feel like a bag is twice as heavy as Shin ramen? 🌸A bag contains Bread • 1 Sauce Packet • 1 🌸 This method is also very fast Noodles are cooked, mix with sauce and eat ㊙️ I recommend everyone to pass the ice water Frozen noodles are so bouncy! ! You can add more 🥒 shredded cucumber 😍 🌸The content of the sauce bag is also very rich~ Potato, Onion Meat and Shiitake Mushrooms The sauce is super rich! This tastes very similar to Nongxin Fried King Nongshim has a more bitter taste, but the noodles are thicker and more glutinous I think a combination of the two would be more perfect 🥰🥰 # 全球好货装进家 #
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yami_featured_image 「速食测评」paldo 韩式炸酱面 之前没吃过的这个炸酱面 这个面超级沉!!! 感觉一袋是辛拉面的两倍重? 🌸一袋里有 面饼 • 1 酱包 • 1 🌸这个做法也好快 面煮熟了,拌上酱就可以吃了 ㊙️ 推荐大家过下冰水 冰过的面很弹的!! 可以再加点🥒黄瓜丝😍 🌸酱包内容也很丰富哒~ 肉眼可见的土豆洋葱肉和香菇 酱超浓郁! 这个和农心炸王味道差不太多 农心苦味明显一些,但是面更粗更筋道 觉得两个结合一下会更完美🥰🥰 # 全球好货装进家 #