The day before yesterday, I saw that there was a sale of cold noodles, and I immediately went in. Haha am I the first person to eat cold noodles! The cold noodles include: 1⃣️ The oscar mayer brand "turkey ham sausage" bought in the supermarket is highly recommended, very similar to ham sausage! 2⃣️ Lettuce 🥬 3⃣️ Eat well sauce, the red bottle is very flavorful and fragrant! 4⃣️ coriander! If you don't like to eat, you can leave out the 5⃣️ eggs. Basically, you can roll anything, you can play it by yourself! * Cold noodles come with sweet and sour sauce, if you like spicy food, you can mix chili in it yourself! Order number: 2019061737186 # 开箱晒一“夏” #
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前天看到有卖烤冷面,立马入了。哈哈我是不是最早吃烤冷面的人! 冷面里包含: 1⃣️ 超市买的oscar mayer 牌“火鸡火腿肠”这个强烈推荐,很像火腿肠! 2⃣️ 生菜🥬 3⃣️ 好好吃饭酱,红色那瓶,很提味很香! 4⃣️ 香菜 !不爱吃的可以不放 5⃣️ 鸡蛋 基本上什么都可以卷啦,大家自行发挥! * 冷面自带的是酸甜酱,喜欢吃辣的可以自行在里面混合辣椒!订单号: 2019061737186 # 开箱晒一“夏” #