🍱 Lunch punch | Fried Chicken Chop Bento➕Taiwan Stinky Tofu —————————————————— There is nothing that a fried chicken chop can’t solve! 😆 I feel like I haven’t eaten this Taiwanese snack takeaway for a long time. 🥡 I found out that a new Taiwanese stinky tofu came out recently and I packed a portion! In order to keep the tofu crispy, the store packs the tofu without covering it~ It is still warm and juicy when you get it home! ! Paired with my goddess Liupo chili noodles😂 Really delicious~ Taiwanese kimchi is sweet and sour, very refreshing and appetizing, and it goes well with tofu! ! The bento 🍱 portion is still as big as ever 🈵️ plentiful! Hahaha... The fried chicken cutlet is very large and tender, and the skin is not very thick~ Topped with dried meat rice 🍚 The extra fragrant is that if you eat too much, it will be a little greasy and then two bites of crispy bean sprouts 🌝 This lunch is perfect Ha ha! # 拜托了冰箱 # # 全球好货装进家 # # 我要当测评官第7期 # # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 三食三餐 #
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yami_featured_image 🍱 午餐打卡 | 炸鸡排便当➕台湾臭豆腐 ——————————————————— 没有什么是一顿炸鸡排解决不了的!😆 感觉好久没有吃过这过这家台湾小吃的外卖🥡 发现最近出新了台式臭豆腐顺道打包了一份! 为了保持豆腐的酥脆店家打包豆腐不会盖盖子~ 拿到家还是热乎乎的一咬还很多汁的那种!! 配搭上我的女神六婆辣椒面😂真的超好吃的~ 台式泡菜酸酸甜甜的很爽口开胃和豆腐绝配!! 便当🍱份量还是一如既往的🈵️丰盛!哈哈哈… 炸鸡排很大一块蛮嫩的肉也很多皮不会很厚~ 淋上肉燥的米饭🍚格外的香就是吃多会有点腻 再来两口清脆的豆芽菜🌝这顿午餐吃的完美哈哈! # 拜托了冰箱 # # 全球好货装进家 # # 我要当测评官第7期 # # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 三食三餐 #