Fan Fan Shredded Bread ✨Beige ✨Made with high-quality milk powder, flour and eggs, combining traditional and western bread. ✨The surface of the bread is layer by layer, and the surface is a little crispy, but it is not as crispy and delicious as the bakery, the bread is still soft, the taste is slightly sweet, and it is a good packaged bread. ✨One pack has 18 small packs, each of which is individually packaged, which is not only easy to carry out, but also clean and hygienic. One is about the size of a fist, and girls are full enough to eat one. # 三食三餐 # # 我要当测评官第9期 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation20d585c8625eabc485
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昐昐 手撕面包 ✨米色 ✨采用是优质奶粉、面粉和鸡蛋制成的,传统与西式面包结合而成。 ✨面包表面一层一层,表面有一点酥脆,不过没有面包店酥脆好吃,面包还算松软,味道是微甜,还不错的包装面包。 ✨一包有18小包,每一个都是独立包装,既方便携带出门,又干净卫生,一个约手拳头大,女生吃一个就足够饱。 # 三食三餐 # # 我要当测评官第9期 # # 夏日色彩打卡 #