【Korea 🇰🇷 Ginger Honey Tea】 💗Thanks for Yami's pick, you can come and try many new products! ✨First of all, this one is really full of sincerity! ✨I have always liked grapefruit tea, aloe vera tea, etc. since I was in school! This is the first time I tried ginger tea, because although I know that ginger is a good thing, the old saying "eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer" is definitely reliable, but it will still be startling to see full ginger! ✨The sincerity of this one (Picture 3) is really affordable. After trying the first cup, it dispelled my fear of ginger! The ginger flavor and honey have been blended perfectly, and the ginger is covered with honey sauce from the inside out! Very tasty! ✨Girls’ aunts don’t have to make anything else during the period, just have a cup of honey ginger water, it’s really warm! #我是测评官 ##我要当测评官第9期##0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation7b0eb2af2d034c1abc9d
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【韩国🇰🇷生姜蜂蜜茶】 💗感谢亚米大大的pick,可以来尝试好多新品! ✨首先,这个呢真心的满满的诚意! ✨上学时就一直很喜欢柚子茶,芦荟茶等!这次是第一次尝试生姜茶,因为虽然知道生姜是好东西,“冬吃萝卜夏吃姜”这句老话肯定靠谱,但是看到满满的生姜还是会吓一跳! ✨这款的诚意(图3)真的是实惠,尝试了第一杯,就打消了我怕生姜的顾虑!姜味和蜂蜜已经融合的非常完美了,生姜由里到外包裹着满满的蜂蜜酱!非常好喝! ✨女生姨妈期间也不用自制其他啦,蜂蜜姜水来一杯,真的暖了! # 我是测评官 ## 我要当测评官第9期 ## 这些饮品好喝到飞起 #