Little sister Zhang Junya is really a delicious snack full of memories. When I was a child, I liked to crush the instant noodles, and then mix the seasoning packets and eat them dry. Later, this little sister Zhang Junya came out and the noodles were even better! Every time I open it, I unknowingly finish eating it. Zhang Junya's little girl simply has a lot of flavors. But I still prefer the taste of bbq, The small noodles are easy to eat, yet elegant, Especially in the outdoors, it is not ugly to eat one bite at a time. The taste is crunchy, with a drink, Who cares about the heat of the horse. Now the big question is: when will you restock, Yami? 8 # 童年回忆零食
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张君雅小妹妹真的是好吃又充满回忆的零食。 小时候很喜欢把泡面按碎,再把调味包混合着干吃。 后来出了这个张君雅小妹妹干脆面更好吃了! 每次打开没多久就不知不觉的吃完了. 张君雅小妺妺干脆面口味很多, 但我还比较喜欢bbq的味道, 小小面饼吃起来方便,又不失优雅, 尤其在户外一口一个吃相不难看, 口感脆脆的,配上饮料, 谁还要管神马热量. 现在有个大问题就是:亚米你何时补货? # 童年回忆零食 # # 夏日色彩打卡 # # 橙色 #