Let's be healthy girls together in summer! Baozhilin Peach Gum Snow Swallow Saponin Rice Combination


The village has been planted with peach gum last year. It is said to be an online celebrity product for beauty and beauty. I really want to try it. It happens that Yami has this peach gum plus The combination of Xueyan and Saponin rice, I feel that the beauty and beauty are particularly powerful!




One bag has10Small packs are individually packaged, not small Looking at this small package, you can make about 1L of sweet soup at a time!  




The village uses two small bags this time. The following is the amount of two small bags. I plan to make one cup.1.5L< /span> health products.




The darker color is peach gum, the crystal clear is Xueyan, and the amount of saponin rice is relatively small, the yellow one is.

Select them manually, soak them separately, need to wait12hours.




Add impurity-free water, peach gum and snow swallow need to be added15times the water, the saponin rice just needs to cover itself; < /span>




After 12 hours of foaming, peach gum and Xueyan has grown to 10 times its original size, and the saponin rice is only expanded, which is why two small packets of ingredients can be made 1.5-2L health products.

Peach gum contains many impurities and needs to be cleaned carefully.

Then put the peach gum and saponin rice into the stew pot. The village is using the sweet soup setting, the default2hours, approximately 30minutes remaining, then Put in the snow swallow and some rock sugar and continue to simmer.




2Hours later, this cup of peach gum, snow swallow, saponin and rice combination health soup is done! You can see the full amount of collagen!  




Pick up a scoop and melt in your mouth, it's so sweet! I think it tastes like lotus root starch!  




Put it in the refrigerator for better drinking effect in summer! The villagers are poured directly into the cup, and the smoothness goes directly into the throat, without a spoon! It tastes cold and sweet, I really love this drink! Let's do wellness both inside and outsidegirl!



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