Milk tea time 🌟 Youlemei Country people envy that people in the city can drink freshly brewed milk tea anytime, anywhere. Fortunately, the people of Shangougou still have milk tea cups to satisfy their cravings. Fortunately, Yami and Xizhilang's Youlemei 🙃. "You are my Youlemei... In this way, I can hold you in the palm of my hand!" Do you remember this ad? At that time, milk tea cups were popular, and one of them was Youlemei. Youlemei milk tea has six flavors: original, taro, coffee, wheat, chocolate, and strawberry. It is made of pure black tea powder and fragrant milk to make milk tea powder. Pour the milk tea powder and coconut fruit directly into the cup, and enjoy with hot water. 4 cups in a row, three flavors, original flavor, taro flavor, strawberry flavor, I think it's a little too sweet, I have to add more water every time, after brewing, put it in the refrigerator to freeze for better drink, full of ice coolness, also It's not so sweet, children like it very much, it's a joy to drink a cup a day, I can't stop it. When I'm alone, I like to make a cup of milk tea. On a hot day, I listen to music and look at the flowers and plants outside the window. I enjoy this leisure time, and all my troubles disappear. Milk tea, although not as noble as red wine, has no coffee. modern, there is no delicate green tea, but it is sweet and warm, fragrant and moist. # 爆款小零食 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 开学第一单 #
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奶茶时光🌟优乐美 乡下人羡慕城里的人随时随地可以喝到现调的奶茶,幸好山沟沟人民还有奶茶杯可以解解馋,幸好亚米还有喜之郎的优乐美🙃. “你是我的优乐美……这样,我就可以把你捧在手心了!” 大家还记得这条广告语吗?那个时候奶茶杯可火了,其中之一就是优乐美,优乐美奶茶有原味、香芋、咖啡、麦香、巧克力、草莓六种口味,采用纯红茶粉和香浓牛奶精制成奶茶粉包,再搭配晶莹剔透Q弹的果冻状椰果粒,直接把奶茶粉和椰果倒杯子里,热水一冲就可享用. 一排4杯,三种口味,原味、香芋味、草莓味,我自己是觉得有点太甜了,每次都要多加水,冲开后放冰箱冻一下更好喝,冰爽感满分,也没那么甜,小孩子很喜欢,一天一杯喝的可欢乐了,拦都拦不住. 独处的时候我就很喜欢冲一杯奶茶,燥热的一天,听着音乐,看尽窗外的花花草草,很享受这样的闲情,所有的烦恼都烟消云散.奶茶,虽没有红酒的高贵,没有咖啡的摩登,也没有绿茶的精致,但它甜而暖,香而润.# 爆款小零食 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 开学第一单 #