Use the ultimate "black" to nourish the lustrous "white" I work overtime every day, and eat a lot of snacks. The road to Fatty is getting closer and closer. I have a delicious Yumei sesame cake (different and delicious) that was planted by friends. As soon as my friend said it was not sweet, I immediately went to Yamibuy and added it to the shopping cart. However, the goose was out of stock. I saw it one day, and immediately added two boxes. One box is only $2.99. It must be mine if it is not sweet. The food arrived. It arrived three days before and after the order was placed. As soon as the package was opened, it was just a dozen. The small sesame cakes were individually packaged. They were not afraid of moisture and were easy to carry. The ingredients were simple and low in calories. Made of flour, the sesame filling is made of fine sand, which melts in the mouth. It is mellow and naturally non-sticky. It is a little sweet. It can be regarded as an excellent sesame cake. The high oil content of sesame will make you tired. It is really a good snack for nutritional supplements, delicious and healthy, with unique flavor. Black sesame is the "Crown of Eight Valleys" with many functions, beauty, beauty and health, which makes people irresistible. The most important thing is that it is really delicious! # 亚米夜市 # # 爆款小零食 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation2183d897208d4d3786a
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以极致的“乌”养莹润的“白” 每天加班加点工作,也吃了不少零食,离胖子的路是越来越近了,晒个好吃的,被好友种草的与美 芝麻糕 (与众不同 美味无穷). 一看到好友说不甜我赶紧就去亚米网加入购物车,然鹅缺货中,某天居然被我看到了,立马加了两盒,一盒才$2.99,不甜嘛肯定就是我的菜了.下单前后三天就到了,一开包数了下刚好一打,一块块独立包装的小芝麻糕,不怕受潮便于携带,成分简单热量低,一打开芝麻飘香,外层是糯米粉做的,细腻化沙的芝麻内馅,入口即化,醇香自然不粘牙,一点点甜,算得上优秀的芝麻糕,芝麻含油量高多吃会腻这款蛮清爽的. 真的是一款营养补充的好零嘴,好吃又健康,风味独具.黑芝麻为“八谷之冠”功效多,美容养颜又养生,让人无法拒绝,最重要它是真的好吃!# 亚米夜市 # # 爆款小零食 # # 百万积分第7季 #