A few days ago # 开学第一单 ## 百万积分第7季 ## 月是故乡明 # # 美心月饼 # The first figure must be dedicated to the Maxim custard moon cake 🥮🥮🥮! ! ! I've booked for a long time and finally arrived. I almost thought I was detained by customs and couldn't receive it hhhhh. As for 开学第一单, of course I received Maxim's~ In addition, I have recently started a wave of food and drink, but unfortunately I only took two orders. , I forgot the rest 🤣🤣🤣 It is worth mentioning that the two cookies on the top (light blue and white box) and the bottom (dark blue and purple) of haitai are super delicious! ! I have eaten it since I was a kid and still love it! ! I have made up for Lanfangyuan, all kinds of preparations for midterm final are necessary to refresh my mind. I usually don’t drink it, I can’t sleep after drinking it. Needless to say, everyone knows that coconut milk is a must~ What surprised me was that the white peach oolong actually tasted alright. Apart from being a little sweeter, it is good to drink it occasionally. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. Are you all ready for delicious food?
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# 开学第一单 ## 百万积分第7季 ## 月是故乡明 # # 美心月饼 #第一张图必须献给前几天到的美心奶黄月饼🥮🥮🥮!!!预定了好久终于到了,差点以为被海关扣了收不到hhhhh至于开学第一单么当然就是收到美心啦~另外还有最近开始屯一波的吃的喝的,不过可惜的是只拍了两单的图,其它给忘了🤣🤣🤣 值得说的是haitai最上面(浅蓝白盒子)和最下面(深蓝紫)那两个饼干超级好吃!!算是小时候就有的吃到现在还一直蛮喜欢的!! 补了点兰芳园,midterm final各种备战提神必备,平时还是别喝的好,喝了睡不着🙃🙃🙃就没听说过谁喝了兰芳园照睡的233333 椰汁必备这个不用说的大家都懂~ 让我意外的是白桃乌龙那个居然味道还可以,除了甜了些之外,嘴馋偶尔喝一下是不错的。 马上中秋了好吃的好喝的大家都准备好了吗?