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🌹🌹When I bought Lu shampoo for the first time, it was planted by my friends and hugged. I thought of trying it out, oh, but I fell into a big hole. Since then, Lu shampoo has almost contracted my shampoo reserves. , Because, I like it so much that you have wood!

🌹🌹 Lu Shampoo, Amorepacific Corporation The R&D and production of the Technology Research Institute has a very, very good reputation and is loved by many, many consumers. The name of the brand is "Lu", "RYO", there are shampoos with different effects in various colors, and Lu is in the East In traditional music, it is a rhythm, which means combining yin and yang to achieve the best balance of the scalp. Lu has a variety of colors, and each color corresponds to a different effect, so you need to choose the one that suits your hair type according to your needs.

🌹🌹 KoreaRYOLu purple anti-hair loss and nourishing shampoo, using the traditional Korean palace secret recipe, contains concentrated Korean ginseng essence, which can strengthen the hair roots and nourish the scalp Directly to the hair root, repairing unhealthy hair that is frizzy and dry, moisturizing and nourishing, making the hair soft and shiny, suitable for any hair type, especially suitable for people with hair loss, it can prevent hair loss, moisturize and improve hair quality. For the first time, I bought Zilu, which is suitable for oily hair. I was deeply amazed and fell in love with it the first time I used it. For me, my hair loss is so severe that I'm going bald, so I want to try this anti-hair loss, but the hair loss effect is generally not improved, but unexpectedly found that the function of oil control is that there is no other shampoo like Zilu. obviously! I used to have oily hair in one day, but after using Zilu, it was not oily for four or five daysI was shocked😱 span>😱 And I especially like the light ginseng and Chinese medicine smell of Zilu shampoo, It's fresh and elegant, so I just love it, I keep repurchasing it all the time🤣🤣

🌹🌹Because I like Zi Lu so much, I tried Lu Shuying Moisturizing Soothing for oily hair. Green Lu in the anti-dandruff series, Lu Lu is the main anti-shedding +Oil control and anti-dandruff, using natural plants lotus and pine leaves Extract, reduce oil secretion, prevent the adsorption of dust and heavy metals, prevent dust caused by yellow sand, can effectively care for the scalp, reduce oil secretion, control oil, remove dandruff and relieve itching, refresh and clean the scalp, I use it to remove dandruff. It is immediate, and the oil control is not as amazing as the purple Lu effect, but I also think it is good. I will try other color series when I have the opportunity in the future🤣🤣< /p>

🌹🌹I call for the Lu seriescall span>, let's talk about your favorite shampoo! 😆😆

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🌹🌹 吕洗发水,爱茉莉太平洋公司技术研究院研发生产,口碑非常非常好,受到非常非常多消费者的喜爱。品牌的名称“吕”,“RYO”,有各种颜色的不同功效的洗发水,而吕在东方传统音乐中是一种音律,意喻着结合阴阳气韵,使头皮达到最佳均衡。吕有各种的颜色,每种颜色都对应着不同的功效,所以要根据自己需要来挑选适合自己的发质的。

🌹🌹 韩国RYO吕紫色防脱发固发滋养洗发水,采用韩国传统宫廷秘方,内含高丽参浓缩精华,可以强韧发根,营养深入头皮直达发根,修护毛躁干枯的不健康发丝,水润滋养,使头发柔顺亮泽,适合任何发质,特别适合脱发人群,可以防止脱发,滋润并改善发质。而我第一次买紫吕,买的是适合油性头发的紫吕,第一次用就深深地被惊艳和爱上了。对我来说,我脱发太严重了快要秃了,所以想试试这个防脱发的,可是脱发效果一般般没有特别改善,可是意外地发现控油的功能是从来没有哪款洗发水像紫吕一样明显的!我以前头发一天就油,用了紫吕,四五天都不油简直被惊呆了😱😱 而且我特别喜欢紫吕洗发水淡淡的人参和中药味道,清新淡雅,所以我简直爱死了,一直回购一直回购🤣🤣

🌹🌹因为太喜欢紫吕,我又试着入了针对油性发质的吕舒盈清润舒缓去屑系列中的绿吕,绿吕恰恰主打防脱 +控油去屑,采用自然植物莲花和松叶提取物,减少油脂分泌防止微尘及重金属的吸附,防止因黄沙引起的微尘,可以有效护理头皮,减少油脂分泌,控油去屑止痒,清爽洁净头皮,我用下来去屑效果真的是立竿见影的,控油方面没有紫吕效果惊艳,可是我也是觉得不错的,以后有机会会再试试别的颜色的系列🤣🤣


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