Refreshing Artifact: Lanfangyuan Milk Tea

Lanfangyuan Milk Tea adopts imported black tea leaves+Imported Condensed milk is used as raw material, carefully formulated with heirloom recipes, and made through three processes: brewing tea, pulling tea, and milking..

Lanfangyuan milk tea has a silky texture, rich tea aroma, slightly bitter taste in the mouth, but it returns to sweetness immediately afterward, the slight bitterness blends with the sweetness of milk tea, and it is full after drinking Fragrant, lingering and fine taste makes people memorable

⚠️It should be noted that: Lanfangyuan milk tea is rich in tea polyphenols, which has a refreshing effect Strong! Whether you stay up late to work overtime, have a long meeting, or have a drink while reviewing all night, just one drink will quickly make you energized

Full, the effect is comparable to Red Bull!

But if your heart is not very good, it is recommended not to drink it, many people will have a rapid heartbeat response.< /span>

Do not drink it too late, it may cause insomnia in some people.

Recommended for milk tea lovers who love to drink milk tea but don't like too sweet, Lanfang Garden is just right, not too sweet and not all bitter tea leaves .

It is recommended to drink it after refrigeration. The taste after refrigeration is even more amazing. The tea taste is much stronger than bottled milk tea. The entrance is light and smooth, and the sweetness is not affected by tea

The taste is washed away, and after swallowing, there is a residual fragrance of black tea in the mouth. p>

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