Taro flavor is fragrant~

I'm here to recommend the Xiang Piao Piao series! Today's recommendation is another flavor: taro flavor! There should be no girl who loves milk tea who doesn't like the taste of taro! Even my steel straight man occasionally wants to drink it. If you don't come to the sun, you will be drunk!


Good ingredients are not paired with pearls. I prefer them, because pearls are hard to cook without boiling water, and the taste is not very good. The taro-flavored fragrance is paired with coconut fruit, which I think goes well with the taro flavor.


Open the cup and it's full. In addition to the milk tea powder and coconut cup, it also comes with a bag of sweetness adjustment bags, which is really thoughtful.


The milk tea will definitely be rushed by everyone!


Haha coconut fruit is called milk tea fruit here, I'm vulgar!


Then pour in the milk tea fruit!


There is liquid in the milk tea fruit cup itself. Keep the coconut texture.


I only put the sweetness as desired1/3 , enough for my sweetness, and save the rest for making coffee, killing two birds with one stone.


The extension tube with this series is also very cute, and the fat ones can be bent. Pour hot water into the tea cup and you're done.


Ta-Da! A cup of fragrant and mellow taro-flavored coconut milk tea is ready!

Very good! It's not too sweet, and the coconut taste is also very good. Recommended!

Thanks for reading.

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