Lower Manhattan Japanese Food Competition 1-Do it yourself and have meat!

School is down town+There are so many evening classes that I have to eat There are many shops within a street near the school. Japanese food that can go on in Manhattan must not be unpalatable, so what is it?

Be featured! ! !

This time I will introduce the most distinctive one first! Fishing Restaurant ZAUOmay be the most distinctive, because one fish and two eat hot pot+deep fried? What's more unforgettable is that you can fish by yourself!

Because if you want to eat fish and meat hot pot, fishing yourself will be cheaper than eating directly, so you can still see some people fishing🙄️ However, I went there twice and only had three or four tables to fish. And it is said to be fishing, and I am not happy twice. I feel that I will hook one as soon as possible.......

This is my first time fishingflounder, Maybe because the fishbone is edible not waste? The classic halfhalf will give you a fried fish bone, which is not sticky, delicious, like a snack.

This is the first time I caught flounder sashimi. The fish fillet is very thin, and it takes a little force to bite it in the mouth. It is very crisp and satisfying.

Fried Fish Skin! Very down-to-earth way to eat! The oil smells great and the lemon is necessary.

Second timerainbow trout Sashimi, which is softer One point, do you think this hot pot tastes better than sashimi?

This is a small hot pot! The bottom of the hot pot is almost clear soup. The mushrooms are placed in it at the beginning. After a lot of fish fillets are boiled, there is a little fish soup taste.

Also: the beef is also good. One of the appetizers is rice cakes, bite down like cotton candy, and the teeth become lingering rice cakes in an instant, it feels like freshly made rice cakes! Super delicious, regret not ordering more!

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这次先介绍最有特色的一家!Fishing Restaurant ZAUO可能是最有特色的了,因为一鱼两吃的火锅+deep fried吗?更难忘的是自己钓鱼好不啦!


这是第一次去钓的flounder, 可能因为鱼刺能吃不浪费?经典的halfhalf会送一个炸鱼骨,不扎人,好吃,像小零食。



第二次得rainbow trout 得生鱼片,这个就比较软一点,感觉这个得火锅比生鱼片更好吃?