Lower Manhattan Japanese Food Competition 3 - Yakiniku

Third YakinikuFutago

This restaurant is impeccable, from drinks to meat to bites! ! ! !

Pineapple juice is toothache sweet. Maybe my teeth are bad....A small cup of sweetness is thick enough between the teeth.

The meat is rich in fat and oily, but not greasy. Such a copy of 120😄 is not reluctant to accept because it is really good. A bite of the noodle soup is fragrant, and the noodle is really half a mouthful. The coldness of the soup seems to have entered the noodles, which not only increases the texture but also enriches the taste.

Overall, it tastes really good!

But! ! I won't go to this shop again because they treated us very badly, from the first order to the halfway through the meal, they were rude and surprising.…………

So in order not to let everyone go to this store! In fact, the quality of beef in this restaurant is similar to that of the horn self-produced 60. One serving is 120, two horns120 But you can eat a lot of this meat and other buffets! ! ! !

I still want to send a piece of excited work without filter defocusing and shaking hands, I hope I can experience my feeling of eating delicious food!

Quiet Mimi, this shop is at37 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011

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悄咪咪,这家店在37 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011