Lower Manhattan Daily Contest 2 - Late Night Cafeteria

Second House Yakitori Taisho

Is a late-night canteen open until the early morning, near the grand station, halfway When you walk in through the small door of the basement, you will be greeted by a row of noisy bar counters full of single or two guests, and the small tables that go further in will often see drunk guests swaying around, and Chatting loudly and yelling at each other, and a beer on the table, is completely different from the small freshness in Japanese movies.

The speed of serving is a bit slow, the skewers ordered are hard, and the ingredients are heavy, a little Japanesewild< The roughness of span class="s1">. For the skewers, we orderedcombo, three skewers of meat and two skewers of seafood. I feel that the atmosphere is not very gregarious without skewers.

It can be seen that this is not a common Japanese exquisite~

The sauce of the lamb chops is a sweet taste that Asians like. The lamb chops have a lot of oil and are served with tin foil on the baking tray, similar to the original ecology in China.

In short, the decoration style is Japanese, and the dining experience is a bit like returning to domestic indoor food stalls. After the dead of night, everyone's more real side is reflected in this small shop with a strong smell of oil smoke.

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第二家 Yakitori Taisho

是一家开到凌晨的深夜食堂,在grand 车站附近,半地下室的小门走进去,进门就是喧闹的一排吧台满满当当的坐着独身或者两个的客人,再往里走的小桌子也多见喝醉了的客人摇摇晃晃走来走去,还有大声聊天互相吆喝的,桌子上一扎啤酒的,和日本电影里的小清新完全不一样。