AROMA glass oven full of visual happiness


 🌹🌹 span>The most I've ever bought on Yami is the small kitchen appliances. I like to eat and drink when I have nothing to do. From the octopus ball machine, the soy milk machine, the steamer, the electric stew pot, To the oven air fryer induction cooker, all give me a full sense of happiness, I like it very much, and this transparentAROMAThe clear glass oven is a very special one, because in addition to the functions of normal kitchen appliances, it brings me a unique sense of visual happiness!


 🌹🌹 span>AROMALarge household capacity12LMultifunctional convection glass oven, the biggest feature is——It is fully transparent glass! ! Watch the entire baking process! ! The fun is endless! ! The glass oven body is a huge glass basin that can be disassembled separately, which is really big! There is no problem with roasting many large-capacity ingredients, turkey or duck are easy! The included high grill and low grill allow you to bake your food in layers, and the high-power convection bake mode heats your food evenly! But these are the basic skills of an oven. Of course, my favorite is because it can be seen! 🤣🤣Imagine watching the turkey, chicken wings, steak, sweet potato, sizzling oil slowly change through the glass It seems that you can smell that special aroma when it is browned, hey, that kind of visual happiness, you guys must try it! 🤣🤣


🌹🌹After roasting a variety of ingredients, what I am here for you today, Amway is so simple and convenient But delicious grilled fish fillets! Oops it's so delicious😋


🌹🌹Come on! Do it with me! I used two longli fish fillets, cleaned them, and marinated them with cooking wine, soy sauce, and pepper for about an hour, so that the flavor could penetrate!


 🌹🌹 span>Simply spread the fillets on the grill, and it turns out that there is no need to flip, because the air in the oven is convection, which ensures that each side is cooked evenly!


 🌹🌹 span>Select400degrees, 15minutes, then you can sit by the oven and enjoy watching the fish fillet slowly start to darken from white, shrink and curl slightly, and finally turn brown and look The whole process of full appetite is really not too interesting! 😂😂


 🌹🌹 span>Fifteen minutes later, open the lid and you can smell the smell of fish!


 🌹🌹 span>The grilled fish is delicious and delicious, the surface is crispy and fragrant, the inside is tender and delicate, and the pepper is slightly spicy, it is delicious😋Is there anything to scream? Are you guys excited?

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