# 火锅永远吃不腻 # The fourth bullet of professional hot pot: bacon and preserved pork slices I always want new flavors when I eat hot pot every week, so I marinated and air-dried the bacon and bacon ribs, and also marinated the old pork slices. These ingredients are cooked as soon as they are boiled, and the more they cook, the more fragrant they are. They have the flavor of time and bring a different experience to vegetables.
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yami_featured_image # 火锅永远吃不腻 # 专业吃火锅第四弹:咸肉腊味老肉片 每周吃火锅总会希望有新味道,所以我腌制风干了腊肉腊排骨,还卤了老肉片。 这些一涮就熟,越煮越香的食材有时间的风味,给蔬菜带来别样的体验。