Restaurants near Rowland heights in East Los Angeles

As a Chinese district in the Eastern District, there are countless restaurants and milk tea shops. In fact, every one of them is not bad, and most of them will not step on thunder!

This time I want to share some light-dining restaurants.

Daehan Noodle SoupTNN

This is inYES plaza, see earlier I haven't eaten until their grand openingI want to try it this time! Still quite interesting, and the menu is relatively simple!

Soup: Spicy Beef Soup and Non-Spicy Soup

After selecting meat

Choose rice or ramen noodles

There are also meat and rice balls🍙!

I ordered spicy beef soup this timebeef brisket point (Fat and thin) Add ramen! It looks very spicy but it is not spicy, and it is not bad to eat with side dishes!



Rice balls ordered: spicy pork rice balls! Very warm meal, delicious! This one feels good! Very clean and fast to serve!

Gather for BBQ

This restaurant has been open for a long time, Northeast BBQ! Mainly charcoal grilled delicious!

I have been eating here all the time, and the must order is basically

Small skewers, grilled fish tofu, chicken crispy bone, chives, grilled cold noodles, spicy mix, cauliflower (cold dish)

I tried "Tieling Dandan Noodles". I personally feel like eating Korean cold noodles can try it. I think it's average!

I've eaten hot and sour noodles before and it's okay!




Cluck2goWenchang Chicken Rice

There are2 here, small but enough ! Hainanese chicken rice must eat dark meat (chicken thigh), it is very delicious! Fat and thin, smooth and tender! Chicken soup with every serving! Very comfortable, there are separate seats in the store, and it is also very suitable for "one meal"! Even eating several times to see true love!



This time I will talk about these first, after all, there are many delicious restaurants here! But you can also try these ones that you like very much recently!

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洛杉矶东区Rowland heights周边美食




这家就在YES plaza里,之前看到他们grand opening一直没有去吃,这次想试试看!还是蛮有意思的,菜单也比较简单!





这次点了辣牛肉汤加beef brisket point(肥瘦相间)加拉面!看起来很辣实际并不辣,配合小菜吃还不错!


















 # 地域美食攻略 #