East Village - Satisfy Your Chinese Taste (Part 1)

In the East Village, there are restaurants everywhere!

New York's old East Village, a place full of charm, filled with a freewheeling, debauched atmosphere, it is also after getting tired of the hustle and bustle of the city A good place to cleanse the soul, no matter if you are a newcomer or a New Yorker, you will definitely find what belongs to you here. Dish! The East Village can be described as a gathering of delicious food. Countless delicacies are gathered here quietly. Once you get here, your choice phobia will definitely recur? ! And here you can taste the most variety for the least amount of money, come and try these located near St Mark If you love food, you can eat the same dish as you were feeling at any time🤔.< /span>


The first choice for pasta lovers! The reputation of Yifengtang does not need to be repeated. Many chain stores have been booming since they settled in New York. Pasta lovers cannot do without noodles all year round, especially in winter, come to a bowl of warm noodles to resist the cold span>.Japanese ramen soups are mostly salty, the kind of salty that makes you miss its taste all the time, eat noodles while eating Add soup to adjust its flavor, both character and flavor.

Address:65 4th Ave( between 2nd Ave &8th st)New York


An appetizer, sesame cucumber, a bao bao, and a bowl of ramen not only fills the stomach, but also adds a great sense of satisfaction , the stomach is warm and comfortable! If you are not full enough, add another serving of "for jade" (meaning adding noodles), would you like to add another bowl of noodles? After all, there is still a lot to continue in life..





If you want afternoon tea, but don't want too sweet and greasy desserts, there is nothing more suitable than the red tea house.The store is located on the second floor, with oriental decorations. The tea room is not big and not many seats, but the environment is very warm. It specializes in Japanese refreshments and food. , the variety is quite rich, and there are special tea porridge, eel rice is unique.

Address:230 E 9th St, 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10003



The facade is very small, the stairs are very narrow and high-heeled shoes are a bit laborious, especially when going down the stairs⚠️. Simple and unpretentious log tables and chairs, as well as tatami carefully constructed with thatch and bamboo, I like the retro fashion sense here. The sun slowly flows through the window lattice, and a refreshment is very comfortable. There is no trouble that an afternoon tea cannot solve..It’s really not good, we can eat from street to street.



Scented tea must be ordered every time I go, the more fragrant you drink, the more fragrant you drink, and the more delicious it is.jewelry box, a sip of tea, a sip of refreshment, invite three or five friends or girlfriends to drink tea here, talk about life slowly, and what troubles will be unforgettable in an instant< /span>.In the time of a cup of tea, laughing about the vicissitudes of life and the vicissitudes of life, how comfortable it is.



Transparent as cherry blossoms🌸jelly , so beautiful that I can't bear to let it flow straight into your heart like a clear stream. Each refreshment is light and delicate, are you excited?

Otafuku x Medetai

Address: 220 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003


Would you like an octopus ball when you're craving something to eat while wandering? A very humble Japanese snack barOtafuku, right next door to the tea house, isn't it very convenient? Small shop specializing in takoyaki, such as Taiyaki, Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, etc..The store is clean and tidy and very small , a few high chairs against the wall, the waiting time is about 10-20 minutes, I used to only accept cash, and now I can finally pay by credit card .All freshly made, okonomiyaki optional shrimp 🦐Or pork, yakisoba can choose shrimp, pig, squid.Taiyaki with a variety of filling options.



Q A word "hot" after popping into the mouth! ! ! As a result of anxiety, thin to transparent and tough bonito flakes were sprinkled on the outside. The hot air rising from the hot balls just made the bonito flakes swaying, flying up and down like flowers blooming in front of slow motion. The sweet and sour sauce is too salty for me and requires less juice every time. Although the portion is not large, I think it's just right. Of course, you can't just eat small balls when you come here. Let's have Taiyaki waiting for you. Stepping out of this door, you will feel that you have eaten in the East Village Otafuku no regrets! You can choose the filling of the Taiyaki by yourself. The taste is more like a waffle. The fish-shaped dorayaki wrapped in the delicate red bean paste is hot. Have a cup of coffee in the morning, it will taste very warm, and the breakfast will be full of energy. East Village residents) and the taiyaki and ice cream combo, really only better and nothing else!

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纽约古老的东村,一个充满魅力的地方,弥漫着一股随心所欲,放荡不罢的气息,这里也是厌倦了都市的喧嚣和嘈杂以后去涤静心灵好地方,不管你是初来乍到还是纽约客,在这里一定都可以找到属于你的那道菜!东村可谓是美食云集,数不清的美食都悄悄的在这里集结,一到这里你的选择恐惧症肯定会复发?!而且在这里你可以花最少的钱,品尝最多样的美味,快来试试位于St Mark附近的这些店,爱美食的你,不论何时,都可以吃到像当时心情一样的那道菜🤔.



地址:65 4th Avebetween 2nd Ave &8th st)New York








地址:230 E 9th St, 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10003



门面很小,楼梯很窄高跟鞋爬行有点费力,特别是下楼梯时要⚠️. 简单朴实的原木桌椅,还有茅草和竹子精心搭建的榻榻米,很喜欢这里的复古的时尚感,午后的阳光缓缓的流过窗棂格,来一份茶点,十分惬意,没有什么烦恼是一份下午茶解决不了的.实在不行咋们可以从街头吃到街.



花茶每次去必点,边喝边加热水越喝越香,再来一份颜值杠杠的jewelry box,一口茶,一口茶点,约上三五好友或者闺蜜一起在这里喝喝茶,慢慢畅谈人生,顷刻间还有什么烦恼会念念不忘.在一盏茶味光阴里,笑谈浮生沧桑,风月年华,这是何等的惬意.



透明如水滴樱花🌸jelly,美得都不忍心下口像一股清流一般直淌入你心. 每一份茶点清淡精巧,你看的心动了吗?

Otafuku x Medetai

地址: 220 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003






 # 地域美食攻略 #