Xi'an Pancake Evaluation

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I still remember watching "The Flower Blossoms and the Moon Is Full" at that time and watching Sun Li niangniang eating the cake, I was so greedy, I don't know the end of the cake What is it? Today, I finally ate it in Yami, satisfying my foodie curiosity.

Are you hungry?

Let's have a bowl of pancakes~

There are many flavors in a bowl of pancake. This rose brown sugar is delicious and fragrant every day. It is especially bad for girls, and it is suitable for girls to replenish qi and blood.

Actually the correct reading ismirror span>cake

It's very convenient, and if you can't steam it in a pot, the microwave is perfectly fine.

And this bowl is beautiful and heat-resistant, I think it can be kept for reuse.

Follow the directions to make a few cuts and microwave for five minutes.

It was steamy and smelled good after coming out🌹

I started eating it~ Generally speaking, it is sticky, sweet and fragrant, the sweetness is just right, and it is soft and sweet. The landlord is a native of Xi'an. He grew up eating pancakes. The landlord was surprised when he saw my bowl.Yo, where did it come from? It can even be microwaved!I shared it with the landlord, and the landlord also said it was delicious, she Said that they all eat red dates together, but I never thought that roses would be so delicious.

I will continue to repurchase. Let's try it too! 😊

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