There are a few items that are added to the shopping cart all the year round, and the order is placed as soon as the stock is available, but the brain thinks, because once the stock is out of stock, it will be out for a long time 😭😭 Lu Ryo anti-hair loss shampoo, the only shampoo that can control oil and prevent hair loss for two days, I rely on it for my hair loss prevention business in Meidi! Japan's Naturie barley lotion set, whitening and moisturizing and cheap big bowl, it doesn't feel bad to use the whole body Master Kong 3+2 will be stocked as soon as it is in stock, and it will be discontinued for a year once it is out of stock. The best partner for learning 👍 Masks are often used to collect orders, and I have collected so much without knowing it. Anyway, it will not expire and apply slowly. The hot and sour powder has all kinds of flavors, most of which have been eaten by me, it seems that it is time to replenish Haitai Honey Butter Potato Chips are really delicious. I have only one pack left. This big pack is a good deal for 120g and only 2.99, but I have seen it in stock once, and then it has never been on the shelves 😂😂 Other skin care products are bought following the trend. Many of them are good and easy to use. Yami’s girls are good at buying them. It’s good for a novice like me to follow the big team. Several are also out of stock for many years, such as Liu Quan's hair restorer. The only time I saw it was in stock, I immediately placed an order, and then I never saw it on the shelves again. Buying things at yami really depends on fate 😆 If you buy the one you like, you are lucky, and buy and cherish the next time you will meet again. # 换季护肤 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #
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yami_featured_image 有几样是常年加购物车,一有货就下单,不过大脑思考的,因为一断货就断很久这样子😭😭 吕Ryo防脱洗发水,唯一控油防脱能撑到两天的洗发水,我在美帝的防脱事业就全靠它啦! 日本Naturie薏仁水乳套装,美白补水又便宜大碗,用全身也不心疼 康师傅3+2一有货就屯,一断货就断一年,学习最佳伴侣👍 面膜啥的经常用来凑单,不知不觉就凑了那么多,反正也不会过期慢慢敷 酸辣粉各种口味都屯了,大部分已经被我吃掉了,看来又该补货了 海太蜂蜜黄油薯片真的敲好吃,已经被我吃的只剩一包了,这个大包装好划算120g才2.99,可我就见过一次有货,然后就再也没上过架了😂😂 其他护肤品都是跟风买的,很多都不错好好用,yami的妹子都好会买,我这种小白跟着大队伍就好了。好几个也是长年断货王,比如柳全那个生发液,我唯一一次见有货就立即下单了,然后就又再没见上架过。在yami买东西真的看缘分😆买到心仪的算你运气,且买且珍惜下次再有也不知何年何月再相逢了👋🏻👋🏻 # 换季护肤 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #