New York Food| Japanese bento 🍱Samurice Amway's food at Canal Street Market~ Bento has a lot of choices. I am this one 🐔 "Chicken Nanban" is actually a bit like Chicken Over Rice with fried chicken haha 😄 Parsley sprinkled on top of white sauce It adds a touch of flavor and is more refreshing~ The fried chicken is very tender and not woody at all, but it has no flavor and must be eaten with white sauce! If you are afraid of getting tired, you can match it with the shredded red ginger next to it. It's really delicious. The rice is very full. Eating a small portion alone makes you feel full. I highly recommend it! ! # 地域美食攻略 # # 美食种草 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation5f5d0230e44eaffcbafd9132
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纽约美食 | 日式便当🍱Samurice 安利这家在Canal Street Market的美食~ Bento选择很多我这份是🐔“Chicken Nanban” 其实有点像炸鸡版的Chicken Over Rice哈哈😄 白酱上面撒的欧芹碎增添了一丝风味比较清新~ 炸鸡很嫩一点都不柴但本身没味道必须配白酱吃! 怕腻的话可以配搭旁边的红姜丝真的超级好吃😋 米饭🍚很饱满煮的粘粘软软的口感很👌🏻很喜欢! 一个人吃小半份就已经很有饱足感了很推荐啊!! # 地域美食攻略 # # 美食种草 # # 三食三餐 #