# 今天也是yami的一天 # Unboxing record 📝 This is my first time shopping at Yami and I am really excited ✨ Lao Yang and Soy Milk Wafer, who have been thinking about it for a long time, have bought it Fast delivery, super tight packaging 🈚️broken parts When checking out, I found out that I can use Alipay and WeChat, and suddenly I feel good about it When you place an order for the first time, you need a refund for some reasons. Customer service 💁 The speed of reply processing and the speed of refund to the account is very fast, more than heart ♥️ After the second order, it shipped the next day. Finally received it today. I bought a lot of food that cannot be bought in the village. Call Yami☎️ The weather is getting colder, so you need to stock up on snacks 🥨 There are still some snacks that I want to stock up and hope to restock soon 🦆 Can't wait to place another order 👐🏻 # 开学第一单 #
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yami_featured_image # 今天也是yami的一天 # 开箱记录📝 第一次在亚米买东西 真的超级激动✨ 心心念念了好久的老杨和豆乳威化都买到啦 发货速度快 包装的超严实 🈚️破损漏件 结账时发现可以用支付宝和微信 突然就好亲 第一次下单时由于一些原因需要退款 客服💁回复处理速度和退款到账速度巨快 比心♥️ 第二次下单后隔天就发货啦 今天终于收到了 买到了村里好多买不到的吃的 给亚米打Call☎️ 天气变冷就是要多囤零食吖🥨 还有一些想囤的零食希望快快补货🦆 迫不及待要再下一单啦👐🏻 # 开学第一单 #