"Net Celebrity Milk Tea" Lanfangyuan Stockings Milk Tea A cup of milk tea by hand😍 I believe that many of my friends are like me, they will finish drinking soon after buying it🤣🤣 It won't last more than a week at all 🤭 This milk tea is made from Assam black tea and imported milk from Australia. It is made with a unique tea-making process and a classic formula. The taste is super silky. Milky, not squeamish The most convenient is to drink right away, with a straw, which is convenient for take-out. And each cup contains slightly more tea, which can refresh your mind~ Anyway, for me, milk tea is more refreshing than coffee~🙈🙈 You don't have to make your own milk tea in the future. This unlimited repurchase! 😍😍😍 # 今天也是yami的一天 #
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「网红奶茶」兰芳园丝袜奶茶 人手一杯的奶茶😍 相信很多小伙伴都和我一样,买回来很快就喝完了🤣🤣 根本不会放超过一周🤭 这个奶茶是由阿萨姆红茶和澳洲进口奶源,通过独特的制茶工艺和经典配方制成的 口感超级丝滑,糖的比例超级棒,可以感受丝丝苦涩的茶味,但又有香甜的奶味,不会齁跳 最方便的就是开杯即饮,有带吸管,方便外带。 而且每杯含茶量略多,可以提提神~ 反正对我来说奶茶比咖啡提神多啦~🙈🙈 以后不用再自己煮奶茶啦 这个无限回购!😍😍😍 # 今天也是yami的一天 #