Wugumofang Ejiao Cake 🌹 A must-have item for healthy girls 👧🏻 The box is very good-looking, although it is very suitable to buy and eat by yourself. There are 24 individual small packages in one box, which is easy to carry every morning with breakfast The taste is similar to the normal guyuan cake. There are sesame and walnut sandwiches in it. After eating, the fragrant one in the mouth is really super small. Keep eating and hope that it will have a conditioning effect on the body. # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation73a4daa07f2546f0aac8d1e1a1ac
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五谷磨房阿胶糕🌹 养生女孩的必备单品👧🏻 盒子颜值超高 虽然是买来自己吃 送人也是很合适呢 一盒里有24个独立小包装 方便携带 每天早上一枚 和早餐一起 口味和正常的固元糕类似 里面有芝麻和核桃夹心 吃完嘴里香香的 就是一块儿真的超级小呀 坚持吃希望会有调理身体的作用 # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 爱吃又想瘦 #