🌸 The healthiest and lowest calorie snacks among snacks are dried tofu snacks. I placed an order before to make up for free shipping. After reading countless reviews, this is the best review for this Jinzai thick bean curd. Basically, they said that it was delicious, and then I placed the order with confidence! 🌸I was surprised after the arrival, the box is so big! There are a full 20 packets in a box. The dried tofu is chewy, thick enough, and very flavorful. After eating, there is still soup in the bag; the sauce flavor and spicy flavor are super delicious. If you don’t eat spicy, choose the sauce flavor. After trying it I promise you will repurchase! 11/131⃣️0⃣️ # 双十一必囤 #
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🌸零食中最健康最低卡路里还又好吃的就数豆干类零食了。之前下单为了凑单免邮,看了无数评论后,就属这款劲仔厚豆干评论最好了,基本都说好吃,然后我就放心下单了! 🌸到货后惊讶了,盒子好大!一盒有整整20小包,豆干有嚼劲,够厚,而且很有味,吃完后袋子里还有汤汁;酱香味和麻辣味都超级好吃,不吃辣的就选酱香味,试过后我保证你会回购! 11/131⃣️0⃣️ # 双十一必囤 #