Then I recommend the New Orleans Grilled Chicken Wing Marinade. Zero cooking skills. How to make it delicious. Method: 1: Cut the chicken legs/wings. 2: Pour in the right amount of New Orleans seasoning. Stir the stick evenly 3: Put it in the refrigerator. Wait for 7-8 hours (I make it at night. Bake the next day) 4: Then put it in the air fryer. Adjust it to 360 degrees. 10 minutes. Then turn over the ingredients. Continue to bake for 10 minutes. 5: Finally apply A layer of honey. Perfect! (Can be wiped or not) Very delicious. The skin baked in the air pot is crispy. The meat is super tender. It has been marinated for a whole night. So even the meat inside is very delicious. It is super delicious. This It's honey-flavored. It's not spicy. So it's also suitable for small pots. Ps: Because it's too troublesome to wash the air cooker. So @babyPanda taught. Put tin foil on the bottom layer. It's very easy to clean. Finally, I said Next. The Philips air cooker works really well! Also highly recommended!
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再来推荐新奥尔良烤鸡翅腌料. 零厨艺做法.怎么做怎么好吃. 做法: 1:切好鸡腿/鸡翅. 2:倒入适量的新奥尔良调味料.搅棒均匀 3:放入冰箱.等上7-8小时(我都是晚上调好.第二天烤) 4:然后放入空气炸锅.调360度.10分钟. 然后翻一下食材.继续烤10分钟. 5:最后抹上一层蜂蜜.完美!(可抹可不抹) 很好吃.空气锅烤出来的是皮是脆脆的.肉质又超级嫩.腌制了一整晚.所以连里面的肉都特别的入味.超好吃的.这款是蜜汁口味的.不辣.所以也适合小盆友们呢. ps:因为洗空气锅嫌麻烦.所以 @baby熊猫 教说.在底层铺上锡纸.这样清洗就非常轻松了.最后说下.飞利浦的空气锅真的好好用!也是强烈推荐!