When everyone else is losing money on clothes, bags and cosmetics, I spend my money on food 🤔 (is this a good thing) Every time I buy something at Yami, I don't have the trouble of getting enough free shipping 😂 In other words, this time Yamibuy's shipping packaging is really powerful! Not only the glass is not broken, but all the paper packaging and aluminum foil packaging are not deformed at all (not at all, some of them will be deformed before, this time is really too 👍) Sincerely decided that Yami is basically my food and clothing parents in the United States 🤪
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當別人都在衣服、包包、化妝品上敗家時,我都把錢花在了吃的上面 🤔(這是好事嗎) 每次在亞米買東西都沒有湊足免運的困擾😂 話說,這次亞米運送包裝真的太給力! 不僅玻璃啥的沒碎,連所有紙類包裝、鋁箔包裝都完全沒有變形(完全沒有,之前還有些會壓到變形,這次真的太👍了) 真心決定亞米根本就是是我在美國的衣食父母🤪