# 生活要有仪式感 # Recently, I miss the yellow stewed chicken rice sold in small shops in China. The smooth and juicy chicken thighs are served with a bowl of rice, which is so healing. 😍 The main ingredients of Braised Chicken are chicken thighs, mushrooms, green peppers and potatoes. In many small shops in China, you can also choose some vegetables. My family didn’t put too many extra vegetables, but only green peppers and potatoes are also super delicious! 🤤 The amount of soup can be adjusted according to personal taste. I like a little soup that can be poured into the rice and mixed with food after cooking. If you don’t like it, you can reduce the amount of water added. 💕<Ingredients for 2 people>💕 - 2 chicken thighs, diced - 3 shiitake mushrooms, cut in half - 5-6 slices ginger - 2 spoons of cooking wine - 2 shallots diced - 1 tsp caster sugar - 2 scoops of dark soy sauce - 3 scoops of light soy sauce - 3-4 peppers - 1 potato, diced - 1 onion, julienned - 1 green pepper, diced ✨<How to>✨ 1. Put the chicken in a pot with cold water, add 2 pieces of ginger and 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, blanch and set aside in water. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in water in advance (keep the shiitake mushroom water). 2. Add oil and white sugar to the pot over medium-low heat. When the white sugar turns into caramel color, add chicken and fry the sugar color, add onion and ginger. Add 1 spoon of cooking wine, 2 spoons of dark soy sauce, 3 spoons of light soy sauce, and chili to fry until fragrant. 3. Add shiitake mushrooms and garlic slices to the pot, then pour in the water for soaking the shiitake mushrooms, add boiling water until the meat is covered, and season with salt. 4. Simmer on medium heat for about 20 minutes, add potatoes and onions, cover and simmer for about 5 minutes. 5. Open the lid and cook over high heat to collect the juice, add in oil, salt and pepper, add green peppers until they are broken and ready to serve. hint: - After adding boiling water, you can judge the saltiness by tasting a few drops of the soup. The soup will be slightly saltier than the ingredients. - If the soup is still too much when the juice is collected under high heat, you can use starch and water in a ratio of 1:1 to make water starch to thicken.
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yami_featured_image # 生活要有仪式感 # 最近迷之想念国内小店卖的黄焖鸡米饭,口感顺滑、充满汤汁的鸡腿肉配上一碗米饭,吃起来太治愈了。😍 黄焖鸡最主要的食材是鸡腿肉,香菇,青椒和土豆。在国内很多小店里吃还可以自选一些蔬菜,我家因为没有太多多余的蔬菜所以没有放,不过只有青椒和土豆也超级好吃!🤤 汤汁量可以根据个人口味调整,我喜欢做完后稍微有些汤汁可以用来倒到饭中拌着吃,如果不喜欢可以适量减少水的加入。 💕<2人份食材>💕 - 2块鸡腿肉,切块 - 3块香菇,切半 - 5-6片姜 - 2勺料酒 - 2根小葱切块 - 1勺白砂糖 - 2勺老抽 - 3勺生抽 - 3-4颗辣椒 - 1个土豆,切块 - 1个洋葱,切丝 - 1个青椒,切块 ✨<做法>✨ 1. 鸡肉冷水下锅,加入2块姜和1勺料酒,焯熟后控水静置。香菇提前泡水(留着香菇水)。 2. 锅内中小火加入油和白砂糖,等白砂糖变成焦糖色后加入鸡肉炒糖色,加葱、姜。加1勺料酒,2勺老抽,3勺生抽,和辣椒炒香。 3. 在锅内加入香菇,蒜片,之后倒入泡香菇的水,再加开水至没过肉,加盐调味。 4. 中火炖20分钟左右,加入土豆和洋葱,再盖上锅盖炖5分钟左右。 5. 开盖大火收汁,加入耗油、盐和胡椒粉,下青椒至断生即可盛出。 提示: - 加完开水后加盐可以通过尝几滴汤汁来判断咸淡,汤汁会比食材稍微咸一些。 - 如果大火收汁时汤汁还是过多可以用淀粉和水以1:1的比例调成水淀粉增稠。