Chen Ji Baijia|Sichuan Hakka Hakka Soul Rice Noodles I have been looking at the drying area and many people recommend this rice noodle. Every time I want to buy it, it is out of stock. Now I finally got it! 😂 There are a total of five packets and one packet of rice noodles after opening the package. Rice noodles are not vacuum packed but in a cooked state. Just boil a pot of hot water to loosen the rice noodles~ Then boil 350ml of hot water ➕ into various ingredients~ Finally, pour it into the bowl filled with rice noodles and enjoy! This rice noodle soup base is relatively clear without a lot of chili oil. There is a bag of chopped pepper packets added according to personal taste! ! I started to add a little too much to eat and I burst into tears 😭 The chopped peppers are still quite spicy, and those who can't eat spicy must not put them! The soup base is quite refreshing and comfortable to drink without being too salty. The rice noodles 🍜 are cooked and don't need to cook for too long, which is good~ For example, snail noodles are raw and need more time to cook. You can still add some vegetables or something to deal with a meal 👌🏻. The amount of a pack is not very large, which is about the same for girls. But for boys, it may be really impossible to eat enough... 😂 Overall, I personally feel that the taste is quite satisfactory, and I prefer snail noodles! The advantage of soul-hunting rice noodles is that the soup base is very fresh and easy to eat! If you don't put chopped peppers, you can drink it all hahaha! 🌝 Lazy cancer patients or friends who don't like to cook can prepare some! This kind of convenience food is still very useful at critical moments haha! # 即食美味 # # 温暖小厨房 # # 生活要有仪式感 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 元气亚米红 #
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yami_featured_image 陈记白家|四川客家勾魂米线🍜 一直看晒单区很多人推荐这个米线。 每回想买都是缺货这下终于买到手了!😂 打开包装一共有五个料包和一包米线。 米线是非真空包装的不过是煮熟的状态。 只需要煮一锅热水把米线过水松散开就可以~ 然后再煮350ml的热水➕入各种料包~ 最后倒在装好米线的碗里就可以开吃啦! 这款米线汤底还是算比较清的没有很多辣油。 里面有一袋是剁椒料包按照个人口味添加!! 我一开始加的有点多吃着吃着就泪流满面了😭 剁椒还是蛮辣的不能吃辣的朋友千万不要放! 汤底还挺清爽喝起来蛮舒服的也不会太咸。 米线🍜是熟的不需要煮太久这一点挺好的~ 像螺蛳粉就是生的就需要多花些时间去煮面。 自己再加点蔬菜啥的对付一餐还是可以👌🏻。 一包的份量不是非常多对于女生来说差不多。 但对于男生可能真的没办法吃饱就是了…😂 总体味道个人觉得中规中矩更偏爱螺蛳粉! 勾魂米线的优势在于汤底很鲜也好入口! 不放剁椒的话完全可以喝个精光哈哈哈哈!🌝 懒癌晚期患者或不爱做饭的朋友可以备一些! 这种方便食品关键的时刻还是很管用的哈哈! # 即食美味 # # 温暖小厨房 # # 生活要有仪式感 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 元气亚米红 #