# #开箱大吉# # Receive a "Valentine's Day" gift 🎁! Probably the best looking and delicious I have ever received! Most of the egg rolls that people often eat are Hong Kong-style or Taiwan-style egg rolls. However, in Japan, there is also a national treasure-grade souvenir egg roll-YOKU MOKU, which was born in 1969 as a "cigar egg roll". This gift box has a total of 20 pieces, and the packaging is very delicate. The outer box is not plastic and can be reused after eating! Because of the texture, it is indeed relatively fragile, but the protection measures are well done and basically half truncated at most (there is no pulverization), and at least 70% are not broken. The prototype of this cigar cone is a snack called "Cat Tongue"; when YOKU MOKU developed this cookie, the ratio of butter and powdered sugar was adjusted to "the limit of being a candy"; The rich butter brings a very light and delicate mouthfeel. The finished product is very crisp and fluffy, and you can smell the very high-grade butter 🧈 aroma when you open the bag; when you bite into your mouth, the egg roll will turn into a bright milky fragrance in a short time, which diffuses in your mouth. It may be slightly similar to Shiroi Koibito's biscuit shell, but the milky flavor will be heavier, and the sweetness is more lovely because there is no filling. Served with ice cream 🍦 and coffee ☕️, it is perfect! ! It is very simple and really delicious, and it will be a very happy gift to receive it 🎁!
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yami_featured_image # #开箱大吉# # 收到“情人节”礼物啦🎁!可能是我收到过最好看且好吃的了! 大家经常吃的大多是港式或者台式的蛋卷,然而在日本也有一款国宝级伴手礼蛋卷-YOKU MOKU,诞生于1969年的“雪茄蛋卷”。 这个礼盒一共20根,包装非常精致,外面的盒子不是塑料的感觉吃完外包装还能再利用!因为质地的关系确实比较易碎,但是保护措施做得很好基本最多半截断(没有粉粉碎的情况),而且起码七成是没碎的。 这款雪茄蛋卷的原型是一款叫“猫舌头”的零食;YOKU MOKU在研发这款小饼干的时候将黄油和糖粉的比例,调到“再高就会变成糖果的极限”;丰富的黄油带来了十分轻盈和细腻的口感。 成品非常酥松,开袋就能闻到非常高级的黄油🧈香气;咬在嘴里,蛋卷不一会儿就化成明亮的奶香,弥散口中。可能稍微有些类似白色恋人的饼干壳但是奶香味会更重一些,也因为没有夹心所以甜度更可爱。 配上冰淇淋🍦和咖啡☕️简直超适合了!!非常简单也确实很好吃,收到也会超开心的礼物🎁啦!