Good-looking and super delicious 【Roasted Cold Noodles】 The production method is very simple, prepare all the ingredients as shown in Figure 2, and then make according to Figure 3. Put oil in a hot pan ➡️Put cold noodles ➡️Beat eggs and spread out➡️Brush garlic chili sauce and sweet noodle sauce➡️Put onion 🧅 coriander 🌿 hot dog sausage 🌭️➡️Roll up and cut into sections and serve on a plate➡️Eat! Special talk about the sauce, I didn't use the sauce that came with me, I used a mixture of garlic chili sauce and sweet noodle sauce, it was even more delicious! The sauce link is in Figure 2. # 高颜值美食 #
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高颜值且超美味的【烤冷面】 制作方法非常简单,如图二准备好所有食材,然后按照图三制作。 热锅放油➡️放冷面片➡️打鸡蛋铺开➡️刷蒜蓉辣酱加甜面酱➡️放洋葱🧅香菜🌿热狗肠🌭️➡️卷起切段装盘➡️吃! 特别说一下酱,我没有刷自带的酱,我用蒜蓉辣酱和甜面酱混合的,更好吃!酱料链接在图二中。 # 高颜值美食 #