I don't want to cook, I cooked a hot pot powder Yuan Xian Hot Pot Noodles is what I have been looking forward to for a year In the middle of the night, I would go to the bottom of this product and howl, begging for replenishment Finally restocked I missed the first batch, I didn't expect the second batch to be limited So I only bought 3 bags 😢😢 I added tofu, shrimp balls, luncheon meat, cabbage, and the water gluten left over from rolling the dough two days ago It doesn't feel as spicy as before, so I added chili oil myself But water gluten is really delicious! ! ! Next time I will wash a little more and cook hot pot! The powder is still super strong, very juicy! Put it in a small casserole Then slowly suck and eat Eating fast food also has a sense of ceremony 😉😉 I like this little casserole very much~ It's super beautiful to use for serving dishes and rice! #即食美味 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationa93b78e4ad954b109455
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不想做饭煮了个火锅粉 袁鲜火锅粉是我期盼了一年的 每到深夜我就会跑到这个商品底下去嚎,求补货 最近终于补了货 我错过了第一批,没想到第二批限购了 所以只买到了3袋😢😢 我加了豆腐,虾丸,午餐肉,小白菜,还有前两天做擀面皮剩下的水面筋 感觉没有以前麻辣了,自己又加了辣油 但水面筋真的太太太好吃了!!! 下次会多洗一点煮火锅吃! 粉还是超级劲道哒,很吸汁! 做作的摆到小砂锅里 然后慢慢吸溜吸溜的吃 吃速食也要有仪式感哈😉😉 这个小砂锅我超级喜欢~用来盛菜盛饭超级好看! # 即食美味 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 如7而至 #