# 第一次亚米 # # 第一次晒单 # 1. Snack area: %The first is that Korean rice cake with pumpkin flavor, which is delicious and sweet. Originally, it was used to collect orders for free shipping, but the sweet and sweet taste was unexpected. Since I don't like desserts and pasta, this flavor was a nice find. % Weilong small fish and shredded vegetarian meat are delicious. The price is a little expensive but ok. It is my daily snack when I am in China. %Panpan dried bean curd I haven't tried it yet, looking forward to surprises. % Vegetarian hairy belly is delicious and tastes the same as Weilong konjac hairy belly. % Taiwanese royal family treasure island Q Zi, sesame-flavored mochi. I bought it for my boyfriend who likes desserts like mochi. He doesn't like it, it has a strange taste. I tried a bite, and the sesame filling had an oily taste. I don't know if it was the strange taste he said, but the taste was quite good. % Japanese hot yeast bread, boyfriend snacks. He said it was soft and fluffy, sweet and milky, very delicious. tip: We found that it tastes better and more fragrant after 20 seconds in the microwave. % Japanese marble soda, Arctic Ocean soda, boyfriend drink. He ranked Arctic Ocean Soda > Japanese Mango Pineapple Flavoured Marble Soda > Japanese Super Lemon Flavour Marble Soda. He said the super lemon marbles had a slightly plastic smell. 2. Hot pot base area % Haidilao Spicy Dry Dish is something I have eaten in China. Even if I don’t eat hot pot, it’s delicious to dip the usual meat dishes in this dry plate, or dip the barbecue into this seasoning. %Little Sheep is also what I often eat in China. It has a spicy taste, and there is no other hot pot base that is numb or spicy. This balance is very good. recommend. % Crayfish seasoning was recommended by my friend at Boston University. She said that the taste is very good, suitable for grilled fish, dry pot, and vegetables. I look forward to it. % The rest of the base material, I have not tried it, I hope there will be surprises. 3. Rice Noodle Soybean Area % "Three Seconds Bell Roll" is super delicious and highly recommended. The first time I ate this was when I was volunteering in Vietnam, and I didn't eat it after I returned to China after volunteering. I missed it very much. So I am very happy to buy it at Yami this time. I hope that the price will not increase. The current price is a little expensive. % Korea JAYONE series soup seasoning package, how to have friends who plan to lose fat and lose weight, it is highly recommended. It tastes good, is oil-free, low-salt, healthy, and convenient. I often stock up on this in Yachao, and when I'm too lazy to cook, I just take a bag of soup stock for fancy stew, which is delicious and healthy. %Golden Curry was recommended by a Japanese friend. I have tried her curry chicken, which is also made with this ingredient. The taste is very good. The key is that it does not have the unique curry smell that I am worried about. % Tempeh and soaked cowpeas have not been tried yet. I plan to use them to make Tempeh spare ribs and fried chicken with hot and sour beans. Looking forward to surprises. % Bean skin, bean knots, and vermicelli look good, and they should be delicious when they are used in hot pot.
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# 第一次亚米 # # 第一次晒单 # 1.零食区: %首先是那个韩国米饼南瓜味,很好吃,清甜口。本来是拿来凑单包邮的,但是清甜口的味道很意外。因为我不喜欢甜点和面制品,这个味道是个不错的发现。 %卫龙小鱼和手撕素肉很好吃,价格有点小贵但还行,在国内时就是我的日常零食。 %盼盼豆干我还没尝试,期待惊喜。 %素毛肚很好吃,和卫龙魔芋毛肚味道一样。 %台湾皇族宝岛Q子,芝麻味麻薯。我给喜欢甜点喜欢麻薯的男友买的,他感觉不好吃,有股奇奇怪怪的味道。我试了一口,芝麻馅有股油味,不知是不是他说的怪味,但口感糯糯的还挺不错。 %日本天热酵母面包,男友零食。他说松松软软的,奶甜奶甜的,非常好吃。tip:我们发现微波炉叮二十秒后更好吃更香。 %日本弹珠汽水、北冰洋汽水,男友饮料。他排名北冰洋汽水>日本芒果菠萝味弹珠汽水>日本super lemon味弹珠汽水。他说super lemon弹珠汽水有些微的塑料味。 2.火锅底料区 %海底捞麻辣干碟是我在国内就吃过的,哪怕不吃火锅,平常肉菜蘸这个干碟,或者烧烤蘸这个调料也很好吃。 %小肥羊也是我在国内经常吃的,麻辣味足,没有其他火锅底料的单独偏麻或者偏辣,这个平衡的很好。推荐。 %小龙虾调料是我在波士顿大学的好友推荐的,她说味道非常好,适合烤鱼或者干锅、冒菜这类,期待。 %其余底料,未尝试过,希望有惊喜。 3.米面酱豆区 %“三秒铃铃卷”超级无敌好吃,强烈推荐。我第一次吃到这个是在越南志愿那会儿,后来结束志愿回国后就没再吃过,很想念的味道。所以这次在亚米买到也很开心,希望不要涨价,现价就有点小贵了。 %韩国JAYONE系列汤调料包,如何有打算减脂减重的朋友,强烈推荐。味道好,而且无油低盐,很健康,而且也很方便。我经常在亚超囤这个,懒得做饭时就拿一包汤料包进行花式乱炖,好吃健康。 %Golden Curry是日本的朋友推荐的,我有吃过她做的咖喱鸡,也是用这个料弄的,味道很好,关键是没有我担心的那种咖喱独有的齁鼻味。 %豆豉、泡豇豆还未尝试,打算拿来做豆豉排骨和炒酸辣豆角鸡,期待惊喜。 %豆皮、豆结、粉丝看起来不错,拿来下火锅,应该会很好吃。